"I wanted to let the two of you know that Julie and I are extremely satisfied with the installation of our new AC system, especially with Jesus's installation team. They were very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. We would highly recommend your company to anyone that needs residential HVAC work done.

We can't wait to start using it!!

Thank you and your team again."

"Just a quick note to say "thank you" for your services. Everything seems to be running smooth and we are quite happy for that cool air again!

Please note that I wanted to make sure you knew that you were represented very well by the two employees that did the work here. They were very courteous and respectful both in conduct and work manner. They took care in laying tarp from garage door to where access to underneath the house was located inside our home. They left no trace or evidence they had even entered our home by way of dirt etc. that was surely dealt with by going under the house etc. They were quick, efficient and were happy to answer questions we had.

I'm a BIG believe in acknowledging good work and those who strive to provide it! So kudos to you and your staff!"

"Dukes Heating and Air is a fair, honest and trustworthy company. Getting a returned call was very important to me, and they never failed to deliver. They recently installed a Trane system in my Mandarin home, and I have been extremely satisfied with the product and their service."

"I made the mistake of using the lowest bidder when I had my new heating / AC installed a few years ago. It wasn't long before the condensation drains were plugged, and the drip pan was not placed right so I had water dripping through my ceiling! I called Dukes (I wasn't going to have those other guys back in my house for any reason) and he came out right away, did a thorough inspection of the entire system and gave me a reasonable price to make the necessary repairs. The work was completed quickly and our AC was back in operation. I highly recommend Duke's without any reservations."

"I have no problem recommending this place. He comes across as very trustworthy and the service he provided fits within that impression. He was very prompt on both visits. He is easy to understand, and will take the time to explain things. As with any A/C diagnosis, the potential exists for an expensive repair. This didn't "disappoint" in that regard. After a simple Freon charge didn't do the trick, a couple of trips up into the attic determined that an expansion valve was malfunctioning. His estimate came in at $830. (ouch) But in the end, it was simpler than he anticipated. The bill ended up being $654 for two visits, a new expansion valve, and a few hours of work by two men."

"I consider myself an environmentally friendly person, I drive a hybrid and recycle, but what never occurred to me was my A/C and Heating system was leaving a bigger footprint than it needed to. Dukes Heating and Air had all the answers to my questions and together we chose a solution that benefited me as well as the environment. Dukes Heating and Air installed a 23-seer system that was highly efficient and cut my electric bill in half! It also uses Puron refrigerant which is harmless to the environment."

"I called Dukes Heating and Air after my home office was unbearable to be in due to the heat. I originally planned on installing a full Air Conditioning system, but he recommended I installed a ductless split system. He explained how it would do the same job as a full system but half the cost and half the energy bill. I was thrilled, every other contractor pushed a full system and slapped a hefty price tag on it. Ultimately I chose Dukes Heating and Air, his crew came the following day and within a few hours, my office was cool and comfortable. Thanks Dukes Heating and Air."

"Duke's employees were very personable and taught me a few things about my own furnace while servicing. They wore booties to keep my house clean walking to the thermostat. Quick and thorough and at a reasonable repair price for the AC."

"The work was completed quickly and our AC was back in operation."

"Duke came on time, was fast and efficient. Got the job done. Was here for the A/C, but had to check our furnace and thermostat as well. Didn't leave until WE thought the job was done."